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Himalayan Pink Salt candles

Himalayan Pink Salt candles

Our Himalayan pink salt core candle really sets the mood as the flame gives it a calming translucent pink glow to relax and wind down after a long day. Warm and lighten your environment with this meditative and tranquil candle.

These candles make the perfect showpiece and can be placed in the living room, bedside table, dining room, bathroom or mediation space. These are also the perfect gift that will surely win someone's heart for a very long time.

All salt jars are filled with white 100% organic soy wax and organic hemp wick. When the candles have burned down the salt cores can continue to give warmth with a simple votive candle or tea light placed inside.

Keep away from humidity as salt attracts water. If corrosion occurs it can add a beautiful patina, but if it’s not desirable simply wipe with a damp cloth or use light sandpaper to make it look new again. Keep candle away from flammables.

They come in 8 different fragrances. Pick your fragrance and mention in your order..

Jasmin & Peony

Papaya & Coconut

Sandel wood & Amber

Patchouli & Saffron

Patchouli, saffron & amber

Juniper berry & orange

White tea, Ginger and Lime

Lavender& Rose

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